588 Kadena, Kadena Town, Okinawa, JAPAN 904-0293

TEL:098-956-1111 矢印マーク Getting to Kadena town office

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Message from Mayor

mayor Hiroshi Toyama Kadena Town is located in the central part of Okinawa Island with a population of around 14,000. Magnificent sunsets over the East China Sea can be seen along the town's Western coastline. Kadena is blessed with rich nature and beautiful scenery along the banks of the Hijya River. Our town is famous for being the birthplace of our great industrial benefactor, Noguni Sokan, who introduced the first sweet potatoes from Fujian Province, China in 1605 during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Thanks to his contribution to our society, many lives were saved from starvation. Before the introduction of the sweet potato, we had been severely suffering from food shortages. Therefore, we are very proud to say that Kadena is also a birthplace of the sweet potato in Japan.

However, during WWII, our town became the first landing point on Okinawa Island for the U.S. Military forces, and was subsequently burned to ashes by the ensuing battle. Since the end of the war, eighty-three percent of Kadena Town has been occupied by U.S. military facilities, such as Kadena Air Base and the Kadena munitions storage area. Today, citizens of Kadena are suffering from noise pollution created by military aircraft day and night. Even under such bad circumstances, our town leaders and residents have never given up, making steady progress toward their goal of bringing a bright future to Kadena.

We would like to continue our effort toward realizing our town's future image as "Kadena, the Township of Bright Human and Cultural Exchange." We will achieve this goal by carrying out various policies systematically.

We believe that the content provided on this homepage is a good source of information related to the daily lives of Kadena residents. Users will find information from each section of Kadena Town Office, including town event information. We hope this homepage will serve all the people who visit us.

Lastly, we would appreciate it if this homepage can serve as a medium to deepen your understanding and interest for Kadena Town.

Hiroshi TOYAMA