588 Kadena, Kadena Town, Okinawa, JAPAN 904-0293

TEL:098-956-1111 矢印マーク Getting to Kadena town office

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Commerce, Agriculture, Fisheries


The environment which surrounds Kadena's commerce is quite severe due to the fact that the majority of the industry of the town of Kadena is in tertiary industry and as a result of the modernization of the shopping centers in neighboring municipalities and the advancement of large-scale retail stores. Through urban-type land utilization and remodeling of the shopping districts, Kadena endeavors to promote the activation of our town.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, Kadena strives to invigorate the organization of the shopping district and raise the consciousness of the management, resulting in a more appealing business environment. With the implementation of financing systems like the Administrative Improvement Fund, we are actively promoting the modernization of business management.

Navel Kadena Shopping Center
Customers from all over Okinawa shop at Navel Kadena.

Navel Kadena

Shinmachi Street shopping district
Clothing stores and food shops of Shinmachi Street shopping district support the daily life of Kadena towners.

Navel Kadena


The circumstance the agriculture industry faces is extremely hard these days.However, Kadena's main agricultural produce, sugarcane and others such as vegetables, fruits and flowers, have been doing well. The industry will try to use the subsidies effectively, improve farm roads, eliminate garden pest, rationalize and modernize the businesses.

The agricultural produce matrix will be continuously developed. The industry will try to promote the agricultural improvement fund and try to modernize and rationalize businesses as well as to foster the future farmers and increase the farmers' business motivation.

Mandarin oranges grown in Kadena receive high evaluation nation wide because they are very sweet. They are mainly shipped to Tokyo and Osaka.

nogyo1.jpg nogyo2.jpg

Mandarin orange AMASAN


Some facilities such as a place to separate fishes have been made. The industry will try to stabilize the fisherman's business, create high productivity and foster future fisherman.

suisan1.jpg suisan3.jpg

Livestock industry

The number of livestock farmers in Kadena is going down. In 1989, a special facility for hog farms and dairy farms was made. The Industry will try to modernize the business and to stabilize the incomes for livestock farmers. They will also make efforts to prevent pollution such as odor, and pay attention to the environment in the neighborhoods.

kadena Livestock industry kadena Livestock industry