588 Kadena, Kadena Town, Okinawa, JAPAN 904-0293

TEL:098-956-1111 矢印マーク Getting to Kadena town office

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Welcome to Kadena Town


Kadena Town and the base(Digest ver.)
To all foreign nationals residing in Japan
To foreign residents who are planning to move in or move out after July 9, 2012
To foreign nationals who newly enter Japan after July 9, 2012
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 Kadena town is located in the central part of the Okinawa Main island. It is about 23 kilometers north of Naha city. The town faces the East China Sea.  The town is flatland; the soil formation consists of calcic coral soil and a layer of Kunigami rocky soil. The town is 15.12 square kilometers in area. It looks like the shape of a reversed "L" letter lying from north to south. 82 % of the land is for military use; the rest, which is only 2.6 square kilometers, is for residential use.


Town Emblem

This emblem symbolizes the unity, development, and friendship of the town and its inhabitants. The design si comprises of the image of a flying bird and the initial of Kadena Town. The emblem was unveild May 17, 1973.


Official Flower・Tree・Song

The Official Town Flower

The Official Town Flower

(Aug 5th 1982)

The Official Town Tree

The Official Town Tree

(Aug 5th 1982)

Kadena Town Song

Kadena Town Song

Town Song